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Ingham Frozen Chicken Burger Patties 1.5kg Bag.

$1597 NZD

We have run out of stock for this item.

Looking for a quick and easy way to add delicious and crispy chicken burgers to your meals? Our Inghams’ Crumbed Chicken Burger Patties in a 2 kg bag are a perfect choice! Made from premium quality chicken and expertly crumbed to ensure a crispy finish, our chicken burger patties are frozen for your convenience and taste. Whether you choose to grill them for a healthier option or fry them for a more indulgent treat, our chicken burger patties are sure to impress with their tender and juicy texture and rich, savoury flavour. With our convenient 2 kg bag, you'll have plenty of chicken burger patties on hand for a variety of meals and occasions.

1.5kg Bag

Contains Gluten (Wheat) and Soy 
Chicken, Flour (Wheat, Maize), Water, Vegetables Oils (Canola, Maize, Palmolein), Salt, Thickener (1404), Spices & Spice Extracts (Black Pepper, White Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Paprika, Turmeric, Sage, Nutmeg, Celery, Capsicum), Dehydrated Vegetables (Garlic, Onion), Maize Starch, Soy Protein, Mineral Salts (450, 451), Raising Agents (500, 541, 341), Maltodextrin, Emulsifier (433), Herbs (Sage, Marjoram, Thyme, Rosemary, Parsley).