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Frozen Pork Mince 500g Pack

$980 NZD

We have run out of stock for this item.

Looking for a convenient and versatile ingredient to add to your freezer for those busy weeknights? Our frozen 500g pork mince is the perfect solution! Made from premium quality pork, our mince is expertly frozen to ensure optimal freshness and flavour. Whether you're making a quick and easy weeknight meal or hosting a dinner party, our pork mince is the perfect way to add a rich, savoury flavour to any recipe. From classic meatballs and burgers to delicious stir-fry dishes and pasta sauces, our pork mince is the ultimate in convenience and flavour. With its easy-to-store 1 kg pack, you'll always have plenty on hand whenever inspiration strikes.

Frozen Pork Mince - 500g.